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Return to Work Information

Buildings Charter, Let’s Talk Guidelines and Mythbuser FAQs

These documents are guidance for managers and employees who have been mainly working from home during the pandemic and who may now be starting to use the office on an infrequent or ad hoc basis.  The Building Charter sets out the arrangements that will be in place to protect the health, safety and well-being of everyone using the office.  The Let’s Talk Check-In Meetings’ give the manager the chance to facilitate catch up meetings with their teams in the office.

Please note: Both documents state that only 20% of employees should be in one building at any one time.

This figure is a guideline only. Where multiple teams share workspaces or floorplates managers who manage teams in those workspaces should liaise to ensure that numbers are in or around a 20% occupancy rate.  This will help ensure social distancing can be complied with, and to support business continuity planning.

  • Mythbuster Faqs (DOCX 31 KB)
  • Let's Talk Check In Guidelines (DOCX 33 KB)
  • Buildings Charter July 2021 (DOCX 146 KB)


We are taking all reasonable measures to maintain physical distancing in the workplace to ensure the safety of our colleagues. The resources on this page will provide a framework for services to commence their planning in relation to how they return to the workplace and to delivering services in a sustainable way.



  • Return To The Workplace Process Following COVID-19 (PDF 1.21 MB)
  • Return To Work - Risk Assessment (DOCX 159 KB)
  • Face masks and Facial Coverings Guide (PDF 474 KB)
  • ACAS Returning To The Workplace (PDF 39 KB)
  • CIPD Flexible Working Measures For Returning To Workplace After Coronavirus (PDF 90 KB)
  • CIPD Workplace Guide Returning After Coronavirus (PDF 135 KB)

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