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Air Quality in our Area

air quality

Good air quality is important for our environment and quality of life.  Modern living contributes to the amount of substances in the air which can affect the health of plants, animals and people, and can contribute to global warming.

When we talk about air quality, we mean the condition of the air around us.

We are committed to monitoring current air conditions, acting upon incidences which affect our air quality, and to improving the air quality conditions for all who live and work here.

We are dedicated to enhancing the quality of the local environment by working to improve air quality and thereby safeguarding and enriching the environment.

Neath Port Talbot's Air Quality Strategy

In November 2013, following extensive consultation, we have revised our local air quality strategy 'Airwise - Clean Air for Everyone'.

As part of our commitment to ensuring the cleanest possible air in Neath Port Talbot and our Air Quality Charter, the Council is determined to bring and maintain all areas of the County Borough within the national standards for air quality.  We provide up to date air quality monitoring data and results and publish a number of monitoring reports for information and research purposes.

What we monitor?

To help us improve the air that we breathe, we routinely monitor:

  • Carbon monoxide or CO (a heavy odourless, colourless gas, from industry)
  • Nitrogen dioxide or NO2 (which is present in vehicle exhaust)
  • Sulphur dioxide or SO2 (a colourless gas produced by industrial processes)
  • Particulate matter  also known as PM10 (tiny airborne particles )
  • Ozone (a naturally occurring colourless gas)
  • Heavy metals (from current industry and industrial legacy)

Where we monitor?

We have continuous monitoring sites located at the following places:

  • Victoria Gardens in Neath, where we measure nitrogen dioxide from traffic.
  • Little Warren Playing Fields in Port Talbot, an industrial monitor which measures PM10 particulates
  • Dyffryn School in Margam , an industrial monitor which measures PM10  particulates
  • The Fire Station in Margam, an industrial monitor which measures emissions of carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, ozone, PM10, PM2.5 particulate, sulphur dioxide
  • Port Talbot Dockside, another industrial monitor which measures levels of PM10 particulate
  • Talbot Road, a roadside monitor which measures PM10 particulate
  • Theodore Road, Margam, an industrial monitor which measures PM10 particulate
  • Twll-yn-y-Wal Park in Port Talbot, an industrial monitor that measures PM10 particulate
  • Prince Street in Port Talbot, and industrial monitor that measures PM10 and PM2.5 particulate
  • Neath Port Talbot Council Depot, Pontardawe which monitors nickel
  • Pontardawe Leisure Centre, Pontardawe which monitors nickel and some other heavy metals
  • Dan Y Bryn Aged People’s Home, Pontardawe which monitors nickel