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There are 64 elected Members on the Council. Members’ details can be found here: Your Councillors 

Council maintains responsibility for the Council’s functions which are not the responsibility of the Cabinet and is Chaired by the Mayor with the Deputy Mayor as Vice Chair.

There are three types of Council meeting:

(a) The Annual Meeting of Council – which elects the Mayor and appoints the Deputy Mayor, the Leader and the Deputy Leader of Council for the Civic year.

(b) Ordinary meetings - which are held on a six weekly basis.

(c) Extraordinary meetings – which happen when needed.

Council meetings are held in accordance with the Procedure Rules as contained in Article 4 of the Constitution. The Council meetings are open for the public to attend, except where personal or confidential matters are being discussed, as defined by the law.

For further information contact:

Democratic Services.
Port Talbot Civic Centre
Room 205
Port Talbot
SA13 1PJ

Phone: 01639 763375