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Walking and Cycling in Neath Port Talbot - Have Your Say

We need your help as we shape Active Travel plans to improve towns and villages in Neath Port Talbot; and make them better places to live, work and visit. By upgrading and creating new walking and cycling routes we aim to make active travel the normal way to get around for local journeys, improving air quality, promoting healthier lifestyles, and increasing the attractiveness of places to live and work

How do I get involved?

There will be lots of opportunities to get involved, for starters, our consultation dates are listed below:

  • Consultation 1, 27th November 2020- 15th January 2021: We will be asking your views on walking and cycling routes in your area including identifying problems on a route and where you think things are already good. For example, this could be a junction that is difficult to cross, a pavement that is too narrow or a newly built cycle route which you are impressed with.
  • Consultation 2, July- October 2021: This twelve week consultation will give you a final say on the Active Travel Network Maps before it is sent to Welsh Government for approval. These maps will have been produced taking into account your feedback and ideas from consultations 1.

Why is it important to get involved?

The engagement process will help us build up a picture of where the priority areas for improvements are and also where residents need new routes in order to access a destination by Active Travel, this will in turn help to produce the Neath Port Talbot’s Active Travel Network Map.

The Council is able to apply for funding from the Welsh Government each year to implement the proposals on the Active Travel Network map. If routes are not on the map they are not eligible for funding, so it is important that we understand what matters to residents of Neath Port Talbot.    

For More Information

Please visit our Active Travel Webpage for further information. 

If you would like to be involved in future Neath Port Talbot Active Travel engagement events please email and we will inform you when the next engagement goes live

Telephone: [01639] 686845 or e-mail: