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What financial support is there for us?

Council tax exemption

Residents who cannot return to their homes due to the fact that they are uninhabitable can apply for a full Council tax exemption. Please contact 01639 686188 or email

We are currently collating information about all the properties affected by flooding. If you have not already done so, please provide your contact details here. This will help us identify which householders will receive an exemption from council tax.

Welsh Government Grant

Support is available for households:

  • whose internal homes have been flooded by Storm Christoph and the Skewen mine working floods. OR
  • who have been evacuated by the Council Coal Authority or other emergency service for more than 24 hours

Households that have been affected can apply for a payment of £500 (for those who have insurance) or £1,000 (for those without insurance cover).

All payments will be paid by BACS directly into your bank account. You can upload photos of the internal flood damage to your house to assist the application if you have them available - this is not mandatory. You can apply here:

Apply online


Coal Authority Flooding Support

We have put together a package of support which is available to all those in Skewen who have suffered external flooding. There are two aspects:

  1. Immediate help clearing external areas around the property of ochre, mud and debris. Crews will start onsite Monday 1 February in Sunnyland Crescent and then move to Jubilee Crescent, Highlands, Dynever Road, Cwty-Y-Clafdy and surrounding areas before starting in Goshen Park on Monday 8 February when the new temporary access is available.
  2. Support to reinstate gardens and outside areas back to how they were before the flooding. This includes things like fence panels, grass, gravel and patching holes or cracks in driveways up to a total of £2000 of materials.

If you would like to register for this practical help then please call the residents hotline on 0800 2884268 and we will then let you know when the crew can be on site to clear up and then to discuss your preferences for garden reinstatement.

View more information here:

Temporary Accommodation Expenses

You can contact the Coal Authority’s Skewen community liaison team on 0800 2884268 or complete the form here for information about reimbursement for accommodation expenses incurred due to the evacuation.

  • For residents of Sunnyland Crescent and other evacuated, affected properties this covers the period up to and including the night of 28 January 2021.
  • For residents of Goshen Park this covers the period up to and including the night of when access is reinstated to Goshen Park. We currently expect this to be Friday 5 February 2021.

This reimbursement will be for hotel costs if receipted or £30 per household per night if you have stayed with family or friends. This form cannot be used to claim for longer-term accommodation.

If you need longer-term accommodation because your home is affected by flood damage, we recommend that you speak to your insurance company to arrange this.