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Where can I find information on how to protect the health and safety of my family when returning home?

Coal Authority Information

The Coal Authority has taken regular samples to test the mine water in Skewen since the blow-out on 21 January. The water contains iron which is normal for mine water as it is picked up by the water as it passes through the historical mine workings. When it is in contact with air the dissolved iron in the water becomes solid, creating the orange “ochre”  you can see.

There is nothing in the mine water which should prevent the clean-up from beginning provided normal floodwater precautionary measures are taken. The Coal Authority has commenced removing the ochre sludge from some garden areas and will continue to make arrangements with other properties for this.

If you or your insurer have any further questions about the mine water please contact the Coal Authority on 0800 288 4268.

During any type of flooding, sewage and drainage systems can become inundated by floodwater, which can lead to flooded areas becoming contaminated. A general good disinfecting of properties or items which have come into contact with floodwater is always recommended.

Environmental Health

Environmental Health officers can speak to residents who have concerns, and we are also contacting property owners and occupiers to offer inspection visits to give practical advice on cleaning down after the flood and what works may be required before they can move back in.  to speak to a member of the team, email .

For information on how to clean up safely following a flood, view the Public Health Wales leaflet here:

Public Health Wales Information

Public Health Wales has a dedicated webpage on what people can do to protect their health during and after flooding. The webpage also has leaflets on the following topics:

  • Health Advice: General information following a flood
  • Floods and mental health
  • Flooding: Coping without mains water
  • How to clean up safely following floods

Public Health Wales flooding information