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Skewen Flooding Live Updates

  • WATCH: Latest Skewen floods update from Cllr Rob Jones, Leader of Neath Port Talbot Council
    01 February, 16:45

    WATCH: Latest Skewen floods update from Cllr Rob Jones, Leader of Neath Port Talbot Council (Monday 1st February)

  • Skewen Flooding Update – Friday 29 January
    29 January, 19:00

    The clean-up operation of the highways within the affected area has continued today. Waste teams have been on site from 2pm until 5 pm today to help residents to dispose of flood damaged possessions, and the teams will be there again tomorrow (Saturday) and on Sunday from 8am to 4pm. Please remember to take photos or video of any items before you dispose of them for insurance purposes.If you need help with the disposal of flood damaged items please let us know by emailing

  • Skewen Flooding Update - Disposal of flood damaged possessions (28 January)
    28 January, 18:06

    The council has undertaken a survey to determine the extent of properties affected by flood water and is making arrangements to assist affected residents with the disposal of flood damaged possessions.

  • Letter from Cllr Rob Jones, Leader of NPT Council, to the residents affected by the Skewen floods
    28 January, 15:20

    At the time of writing it is a week since the ‘blow out’ occurred at Goshen Park Skewen which caused extensive flooding in the surrounding area. My thoughts are very much with all of those directly affected and also the wider community of Skewen.

  • Skewen Flooding Update – Wednesday 27 January
    27 January, 19:03

    There are a number of agencies residents will need to contact as they prepare to access their homes. Here are the latest contact details provided to us. We will provide further updates in the coming days.

  • Skewen Flood Incident – Update for Residents
    26 January, 18:13

    Residents who have been evacuated from properties in affected streets OTHER THAN GOSHEN PARK AND SUNNYLAND CRESCENT can now have access to their homes.

  • *Skewen Update – Monday 25 January*
    25 January, 18:03

    Following further assessments of the area affected by the blow out that occurred at Skewen on Thursday, some residents will be allowed back to their properties tomorrow (26th January) in a controlled manner. Further details will be made available early tomorrow.

  • Skewen Flooding Update - Sunday 24 January 2021 (2pm)
    24 January, 14:23

    The investigation into what caused the flooding is continuing and is being led by officials from the Coal Authority.

  • Skewen Flooding Update – Friday 22 January 2021 (6pm)
    22 January, 18:44

    For safety reasons, residents evacuated from their homes in Skewen since Thursday 21 January, will not be able to return home this weekend, and the wait could possibly be longer.

  • Multi-Agency Statement re Skewen Flood Incident
    22 January, 12:01

    Emergency services remained overnight at the scene of the serious flooding incident in Skewen.