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20’s Plenty in Cilfrew!

Cilfrew Village has been selected as one of eight areas in Wales to introduce a 20mph speed limit as part of a Welsh Government trial to reduce the national speed limit from 30mph to 20mph in residential areas. If successful a proposed national rollout will take place in 2023.

The 20mph area will encompass all of Cilfrew Village plus a section of the main road (A4230) around Llangatwg Community School starting at the A465 roundabout and finishing just before the junction of Underwood Road.

Evidence shows that lower speeds result in fewer collisions and a reduced severity of injuries.

In fact, pedestrians are five times more likely to be killed if hit by 30mph compared to 20mph.

As well as the safety benefits, 20mph zones improve air quality, reduce noise pollution and can result in healthier lifestyles by encouraging more walking and cycling in neighbourhoods which are safer and shared more equally between different road users.

Unlike other 20mph zones, we will not be introducing physical speed calming measures, we will be relying on driver re-education, via a new publicity campaign, focussing on the benefits rather than the outcomes of non-compliance. 

Key stakeholders like Cilffriw Primary School are essential to the success of this project, they are at the heart of the community and children are key influencers of parents to make them change their behaviour. We are working closely with the school, which fully supports the project, to encourage more pupils to walk to school, reducing congestion during school start and end times.

The more people we get driving at 20mph in Cilfrew, the more chance of encouraging a real change in driving behaviours in the community. You will act as a pace car, encouraging people to slow down, making your local community’s streets safer.

Please help us by posting your support for the project on social media. Don’t forget to tag us and use the hashtag #20sPlentyInCilfrew

Welsh Government have put together a list of frequently asked questions about the introduction of 20mph as the speed limit in residential areas.

You can find more information about the Welsh Government’s proposals on their website

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