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What is happening about the road diversion?

The junction at Goshen Park and Drummau Road is currently closed because the Coal Authority need to work at the location to remediate the mine shaft and then implement an alternative mine water drainage solution. This work is estimated to take between six and nine months.

This means that some residents face a longer journey over Drummau Mountain to access work and other services. Whilst steps were taken in the immediate aftermath of the emergency to provide access to a private road at the Highlands, regrettably, due to safety concerns and the attendant liabilities of the road owners in the event of personal injury and/or damage to property, the road has now been closed off to vehicular traffic.

It has been suggested that a temporary, alternative route be created across the bridleway that runs across Darran Park and Highland Gardens. The bridleway is not owned by the Council and the permission of the landowner is required, alongside a highways appraisal, to inform consideration of this proposal. Whilst it has been supported by some residents as a suitable temporary access route, the proposal is not straightforward and there are concerns about the consequential impact of this proposed alternative. The proposal is under active consideration and we will publish the outcome of our appraisal as soon as we are able to.

In order to facilitate better access for pedestrians, the Coal Authority have provided an additional footpath to the rear of number 1 Goshen Park which will be of assistance to some residents.