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Rules for Cyclists

Before starting off, turning right or left, overtaking, or stopping, you must look behind and make sure it is safe and then if necessary give a clear arm signal to show what you intend to do.

You must not ride on the pavement unless there are special signs allowing you to do so.

When you get on your cycle look all round for traffic, then when it is safe to move off, cycle away.

Always keep both hands on the handlebars unless you are signalling or changing gears.

When turning from one road into another, pedestrians who are crossing that road have the right of way, so give way.

You must obey traffic light signals made by police officers, traffic wardens or school crossing patrols.

You must not hold onto a vehicle or another cyclist.

You must not carry a passenger on you cycle unless it is specially designed to do so.

You should never lead an animal whilst cycling.

Watch out for traffic doing unexpected things.

If riding with others on busy or narrow roads, you should ride one behind the other. Never ride more than two side by side.

Always ride far enough from the edge of the road to avoid drains and gutters.

If you want to turn right from a busy road, it is safer to STOP on the left hand side before or after the junction and wait for a safe gap in the traffic, before walking with your cycle across the road.

You should not wear an iPod or Mp3 player whilst cycling or use a mobile phone.

Only overtake when you are certain it is safe to do so. If you are overtaking parked vehicles, watch out for them starting off while you are doing so; look out for car doors opening or pedestrians crossing near to them. You should also look for traffic coming towards you.