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NPT Bee Friendly

The loss of wildflower grassland habitats and the pollinating insects they support has become an issue of serious concern. And we are doing something about it!

NPTC Countryside and Wildlife Team are working with our Councillors and Streetcare department to develop an exciting new approach to wildflowers throughout NPT. By changing the cutting regime on certain areas we will allow the native wildflowers to grow. As we have such a wonderful mix of native flowers just waiting to bloom, we will not need to sow seeds or plant new flowers.

This will allow native pollinator populations to increase and provide habitat for small mammals, birds and reptiles. In particular it will support the very rare shrill carder bee and small blue butterfly. In the meadows you can expect to see beautiful flowers such as oxeye daisy, bee orchid, bird’s-foot trefoil and eyebrights.

Small blue - Cupido minimus - Glesyn bach Bee orchid - Ophrys apifera - Tegeirian y Gwenyn Eyebright - Euphrasia species - Effros

We are currently working on the scheme and identifying sites where it is appropriate to carry out this management.

Feel free to contact us to suggest areas you would like to see in the scheme by emailing

We will update this page as soon as the scheme is finalised.