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The adventure begins

Ready for some healthy competition?

Compete with your co-workers during a 9-week trek across the globe. Join a team and rally together as you race towards the end.

Get active your way - To compete in the challenge, you will track your physical activity. You can walk, jog, swim, dance – your choice. It all gets converted to steps. And helps your team move forwards in the challenge.

Visit a new place everyday - As your team mates upload activity, you unlock virtual destinations in the  challenge. From modern cities to nature’s most beautiful wonders, get ready to travel the world.

Follow your rivals - Compete with the teams of your choice. See inside information about their steps and locations – so you can be even more competitive and take the lead.

Step 1VP Go

Before the challenge kicks off, join a team! Perhaps you’ll get invited by a co-worker to join a team. Or check out one of the open teams. You can also create your own team. If you create your own team, make sure it has a fun team name and a photo. Then invite co-workers to your team and start amping them up for a competition.

Step 2VP Go

To compete in the challenge, you’ll need to track your steps and activity. It’s easy. You can connect an activity tracker or use your mobile phone to track steps.