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Where will you GO?

Better health doesn’t happen overnight. It’s something that happens in bite-size increments over time. VP GoThat’s why we give you quick, easy-to-do tips to help you eat well, get active and feel less stressed.

Check out all of the ways VP GO can help you improve your health and wellbeing.

Topics of Interest - VP Go has made it simpler than ever to get to the information you want. Explore the Topics section and select the areas you are most interested in learning more about.

Daily Cards - Every day VP Go will send you 2 new tips to help you live well. Plus, they’ll make sure they’re about the areas that interest you the most.

Personal Challenges - Create your own challenge and invite your co-workers and friends to join. You choose the type (1 day, weekday, or weekend). Use the chat feature to share your strategy and motivation.

Nutrition Guide - Choose what you’d like to work on, like cutting out sweets or portion control. Then get tips to help you achieve your goals.

Sleep Guide - What’s your sleep like? Decide what you need to work on, like getting to bed earlier or quieting down. Then get information to help you rest.

Social Groups - Getting healthier and learning something new is easier with friends. Join a group to stay motivated, chat with others, and achieve goals together.

Journeys® - Want to exercise more? Better manage a health issue? Now you can use our digital coaching tool, Journeys®, to make simple changes to your health, one small step at a time.

Shoutouts - No matter how you say it, a little recognition can go a long way. Brighten someone’s day with a shoutout.