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Related Legislation, Policy and Guidance

Legislation which is contained within the various Acts and guidance that are identified below enshrine the right to protection from abuse. The legal starting point in achieving this objective is professionals’ duty to report allegations of abuse and neglect.

The law also identifies the Local Authority as the lead organisation in making enquiries to identify whether an individual is at risk and in coordinating the response to protect. In practice this is never achieved in isolation or without clear leadership and accountability for the work which is equally set out in law, along with the duty to cooperate and collaborate with others.

The Council recognises that good practice in safeguarding brings together all activity aimed at promoting safe practice with vulnerable groups and preventing abuse and neglect. For this reason, and because the law, policy, guidance and regulations change from time to time, it is impossible to provide an exhaustive list of relevant documents but the most significant items are below:

  • Social Services and Wellbeing (Wales) Act 2014
  • Education Act 2002 – plus “Keeping Learners Safe 201” – The role of local authorities, governing bodies and proprietors of independent schools under the Education Act 2002
  • Children Act 1989 and 2004
  • Section 17 of the Crime and Disorder Act 1998
  • Mental Capacity Act 2005
  • Violence Against Women, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence (Wales) Act 2015
  • Housing Act 2004
  • Licensing Act 2003
  • Human Rights Act 1998

The Council will ensure that practice is compliant with the following policies and procedures:

Employees, and councillors should also act in accordance with the relevant professional Code of Conduct.

The intention is that this Corporate Safeguarding Policy will supplement and not replace any responsibilities already set out in legislation, policy or guidance set out above.