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Evidence Base

Legislation requires Local Development Plans (LDP) to be underpinned by a significant amount of gathered evidence, to ensure the plan is ‘sound’. In preparing the LDP, the Council will gather some information from existing sources, and will either carry out, or commission a significant amount of research and evidence based studies.

Information collected will be used to identify the key issues and challenges facing Neath Port Talbot, and will form the basis for policy development.

Local Development Plan Review Report

Cllr. Annette Wingrave

The Publication of the Review Report

The existing Local Development Plan was adopted in January 2016. In accordance with guidance, as it is 4 years since the Plan was adopted the Council is now required to embark on a review of the Plan.

A full review of the current Neath Port Talbot LDP (2011-2026) commenced in January 2020 with the publication of the Draft Review Report, which provided an overview of the
key issues to be considered when taking the existing LDP
forward and set out areas where changes may be required. However, it does not detail changes that should be made to the plan, as the detail and extent of changes will be identified through the preparation of the Replacement Local Development Plan (RLDP).

The Draft Review Report was subject to a 6 week public consultation period from 3rd February to the 16th March 2020. The responses to the comments received were presented for consideration at a meeting of Full Council on 2nd July 2020; with members approving the final Review Report (July 2020) for publication.

The Review Report (July 2020) is available to view or download below:

  • LDP Review Report (July 2020) (PDF 3.47 MB)


What Happens Next? 

As formal approval has now been received by Council, the Review Report will be submitted to the Welsh Government (WG).

The Review Report is a critical part of the Review process and forms an integral part of the evidence base. The next step is for the Council to prepare a Draft Delivery Agreement (DA) which will, with agreement from the WG, formally set out the review timetable, the Community Involvement Scheme (CIS) and the resources the Council will commit to developing the RLDP.

Since the commencement of the Review, the Covid-19 pandemic has restricted the movement of people, accessibility to public buildings and the ability to undertake public engagement events resulting in significant implications for setting the timetable for the RLDP.

Whilst work has commenced on the preparation of the Draft DA, the CIS and the timetable for the RLDP it cannot be finalised until the wider implications of the pandemic are known.

Moving forward, this position will be kept under constant review as restrictions are lifted, and whilst the formal commencement of the review process will now be delayed, work on the LDP evidence base will continue to progress as planned.

For More Information

For more information in regard to any aspect of the preparation of the LDP, you can contact the LDP Team direct either by telephone:[01639] 686821 or e-mail:

Your community, your future…be part of it.

Councillor Annette Wingrave

(Cabinet Member with responsibility for the Local Development Plan)