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Fees & Charges 2017-2018

We provide a range of services for which fees are chargeable. Some of the fees are set by Statute and some are set at the discretion of the Service. We will advise in advance when there is a fee or charge payable.

Food Hygiene Training Courses


Courses 2017-2018
  Charge(£) Subject to Vat(03)
Basic Instruction - 1 day course 49.04  
Intermediate Instruction - 6 day course 171.96  


Voluntary Surrender of food

Prices 2017-2018
  Charge(£) Subject to Vat
Voluntary surrender certificate
(does not include disposal charges)
40.00 No Vat

Private Sector Housing

  Charge(£) Subject to Vat
Housing in Multiple Occupation Licensing Schemes  

Statutory Fees

  • Licence of 3 Storey +



HMO Consultation Fee 285.83  
Other Housing  

Requests for Inspection of dwellings for
use by immigrants

134.63 + vat

Service of formal notices (other than prohibitions)
under housing legislation To  include:
the cost of inspection; the cost of deciding the most
satisfactory course of action; the cost associated with
the service of the notice to be levied at the end of the
appeal period (Hazard Awareness Notices Free)

charge determined
from Officer's hourly
rate plus on costs
Emergency Prohibition Notice No Charge  

Works in Default

Works in Default
  Charge(£) Subject to vat
Administration Fee 37.47 No Vat

Drainage Surveys for NPT Homes

Survey / Visit
  Charge(£) Subject to vat
Camera Survey 107.07 + Vat
 Failed Visit
(Due to blocked drain)
53.53 + Vat

Private Water Supplies

Prices 2017-2018
Non- Routine Water Samples


 Subject to Vat
Risk Assessment  
(each assessment)

Officer Time @ 44.76 per hr

Minimum 4hrs 179.04


No Vat
(each visit)
89.45 No Vat
89.45 No Vat
Granting an Authorisation 89.45 No Vat
Sample Analysis
Samples Taken    
  • Under Regulation 10
  • During Monitor Check
  • During Audit Monitoring
Varies on parameters tested  

Caravan Licensing Fees

Prices 2017-2018
New Site Application


 Subject to Vat

Number of Units
          5 -10

550.00+6.00 per unit over 50
No Vat
Annual Inspection No charge No Vat
Lodging Site Rules 47.09 No Vat
Replacement 16.99 No Vat

Enforcement Action

Officer Time and reasonable expenses
incurred Including travelling costs

Renewal Cost

As per New Application Cost  

Variation of Existing Licensing Conditions

 Vary up Two Conditions

         Significant Amendments requiring
         a site visit




No Vat

No Vat