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A new approach to managing verges and grasslands in NPT

In recent years, the loss of wildflower grassland habitat and the pollinating insects they support has become an issue of public concern. NPT Council has a responsibility to address the nature and climate emergencies and is also committed to protect, conserve and enhance our natural environment under the terms of the Corporate Plan, Biodiversity Duty Plan, NPT Nature Recovery Action Plan and Wales Pollinator Action Plan.

A new approach to managing the verges and grasslands of NPT has been approved by the County Council’s Regeneration and Sustainable Development Cabinet Board on 30th July 2021 and is being progressively implemented as resources allow.

The principles of this approach are:

  • To increase the area and extent of wildflower grassland (i.e. roadside verges and larger meadow areas which are managed to encourage wildflowers and pollinating insects) in Neath Port Talbot County Borough, in support of the Council’s Biodiversity Duty and the NPT Nature Recovery Action Plan.
  • To favour change of management over seeding or planting where possible, in order to encourage the native seed bank to flourish without introducing non-native species or those which would not naturally occur in the area
  • To classify all verges in NPT by 2026 under one of the following categories. More information on each category is provided later on in this document.
    1. Nectar Cut
    2. Conservation Cut
    3. Meadow Cut
    4. Visibility Splay
    5. Amenity Cut
  • To keep the local communities of NPT informed and updated

The NPT Bee Friendly Scheme includes grassland areas in publicly owned sites and roadside verges, and expands on the previous ‘Conservation Verges Scheme’, which has been in operation since 2004.

Figure 2 Harbour Way

Figure 2 Harbour Way