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Why bother changing management, isn’t it fine as it is?

Closely mown grass unfortunately has little to no benefit for nature. Pollinators across the UK are in trouble due to pressures such as pesticide use and loss of habitat. For example, since the end of the war, 97% of wildflower meadows in the UK have been lost – a very stark statistic. We rely on pollinators for our food supply chain and we need to provide them with homes and places to feed to ensure their survival.

The council manages a significant amount of land as roadside verge through mowing and there is a significant opportunity to enhance biodiversity and provide homes for these pollinators in the county through a change of management on some of this area.

It is important to contribute to tackling the nature and climate crisis by enhancing nature where we can on public land. The council also has a duty protect, conserve and enhance our natural environment under the terms of the Corporate Plan, Biodiversity Duty Plan, NPT Nature Recovery Action Plan and Wales Pollinator Action Plan.

Improving the extent and condition of wildflower grassland will also have benefits for wellbeing of communities, as research has proven that being close to nature improves mental health and wellbeing.

Figure 10 Common Blue Butterfly

Figure 10 Common Blue Butterfly