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Dealing with your complaint (Stage 2)

We will respond to you in the same way as you communicated with us (e.g. if you complained by email in Welsh, we would respond to you by email in Welsh) unless you inform us that you have particular requirements.

We will ask you to tell us how you would like us to communicate with you and establish whether you have any particular requirements – for example, if you need documents in large type.

We will deal with your complaint in an open and honest way and we will make sure that your dealings with us in the future do not suffer just because you have made a complaint.

Normally, we will only be able to look at your complaint if you tell us about it within 6 months. This is because it’s better to look into a complaint while the issues are still fresh in everyone’s mind.

In exceptional circumstances, we may look at complaints which are brought to our attention later than this. However, you will have to let us know why you have not been able to bring it to our attention earlier and we will need to have sufficient information about the issue to enable us to consider it properly.

If you are making a complaint on behalf of somebody else, we will need their agreement for you to act on their behalf. This can be done by completing the ‘Representative Authorisation Section which is part of the Comments Compliments and Complaints Form