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Appendix A

Mitigating Action Outcome Cwm Tawe specific target

1. Develop via a locally based task and finish group, a holistic plan which looks in detail at all aspects of the vitality of the Welsh language in the Swansea Valley

1-7 Develop a working group to look at this specific area to include LA officers, parents, community members, stakeholders. Working party will focus on:
• Preschool Provision and location
• Marketing Welsh-medium education
• Provision and take up of Welsh for adults
• Language confidence building events
• Promoting the use of Welsh by private and voluntary organisations
• Activities and entertainment for young people and young adults
• Employment and economic development
2. Develop a robust and comprehensive programme of Welsh-medium pre-school provision 1 (increase in this outcome would impact other outcomes)

Welsh government capital funding has been sought to enable the council to provide a new childcare provision within the grounds of YGG Trebannws, in an effort to stimulate growth of pupil numbers at the school and further promote Welsh-medium education.
- Welsh government capital funding has been sought to develop the Foundation Phase classes in YGG Trebannws to provide 21st Century Schools standard teaching environments. Childcare will be operating from here until the development of the new provision within the grounds is complete.
-Additional 10 places has been added to the childcare facility in YGG Pontardawe. This new development facility within the school grounds will open Dec 2021/ Jan 2022


3. Developing category 2 (dual language) stream in the English medium-school 3, 4, 5
(increase in these outcomes would impact other outcomes)
This is not an action that would be recommended in the short term, for the following reasons
• Concerns have been raised by the governing bodies of YGG Trebannws and YGG Pontardawe regarding fears that a new English-medium school will negatively impact on Welsh-medium pupil numbers, and more specifically on these two schools; should the new school offer the opportunity for parents to choose a Welsh-medium stream then the risk of pupils moving from either of
  • the two schools to attend the new school is likely to be significantly higher
  • The staff employed at Alltwen, Godre’rgraig and Llangiwg could be negatively affected if a class in every year group is to be taught through the medium of Welsh; this would possibly mean less jobs available for current staff if the proposed new school required staff who are proficient in Welsh to a higher level than is required at present in English medium school


  • Longer term however this is an option that could address some of the issues noted regarding the decline of the language and the need to grow and develop it in this linguistically sensitive area.

The draft WESP contains an action plan for increasing the number of staff attending the Welsh Language Sabbatical scheme and using it to target specifically two schools for a pilot project, with the aim of mapping out a continuum of staff training to be able to eventually create a category 2 stream within an English medium school, starting at nursery and working through to Year 6 over a number of years. The Swansea Valley schools who are part of this proposal will be considered for one of the pilot projects, organised across all three establishments.

Additional benefits will be gained through being part of this pilot, for example staff could work together across the three schools on the project, helping to forge good working relationships ahead of the move into being one school, or providing greater career opportunities for those staff who wish to move on.

4. All staff at the leisure facilities in shared provision to have bilingual skills


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Currently the leisure centre and pool are managed by a leisure trust, who are responsible for employing staff. The Local Authority would advise that the ability to speak Welsh is a desirable aspect of any new appointments made going forward.  

5. Establish a new centre for latecomers to Welsh-medium Education 2, 3 (increase in these outcomes would impact other outcomes) Providing provision for latecomers to Welsh-medium education is a target that is included in both the draft WESP and the NPT Welsh Language Strategy Plan. Funding is currently being sought from Welsh Government with the aim to invest in immersion provision for latecomers to the

Welsh language. The immersion provision will enable more learners to access Welsh-medium education at primary and secondary level. At present we propose for the north immersion hub to be located in YGG Pontardawe.

Having a successful, well promoted central immersion hub within Cwmtawe area could address some of the issues regarding the decline of the Welsh language and could increase community confidence when choosing Welsh-medium education.

6. General provision of language awareness training 7
(increase in this outcome would impact other outcomes)
Language awareness/Welsh language standards sessions will be delivered (as 2020 model with Cefin Campbell/ Cwmni Sbectrwm). This will be aimed at senior managers across the Council to gain a better understanding of issues, including legislative and policy framework and this will be further explored. A further session will be available to the wider workforce/ community in Cwm Tawe with the aim of raising awareness of the benefits of bilingualism.
7.General review of building provision and planned development 1, 2, 3
(increase in these outcomes would impact other outcomes)
All the Council’s schools are regularly reviewed against specific criteria, and the need for sufficient places at Welsh-medium schools features in the reviewing process. The need for Welsh-medium schools is addressed by a strategic approach to service planning and delivery. Additionally work has been undertaken to look at population growth and where current Welsh –medium pupils live, to identify where new Welsh-medium schools would best be situated.
Officers have identified a number of projects that will be submitted to Welsh Government to accessing funding aimed at delivering capital projects dedicated to supporting and growing the use of the Welsh language in education. One key proposal is developing the Foundation Phase in YGG Trebannws. Welsh government capital funding has been sought to develop the Foundation Phase classes to provide 21st Century Schools standard teaching environments with the aim of attracting more learners to the school.
8. Further develop provision on the Bro Dur site of Ysgol Gymraeg Ystalyfera Bro Dur 4
(increase in this outcome would impact other outcomes)

We will develop a language and learning continuum across all progression steps, promoting learner confidence and parental reassurance.
We are currently monitoring post 16 Welsh-medium uptake and exploring the option of establishing Bro Dur as a Post-16 Welsh Medium Vocational Qualification centre. Working parties within the WESP will write, implement and evaluate action plans which include working with Colegau Cymru (Neath / Afan College) and Careers Wales to develop Welsh-medium and bilingual vocational courses and apprenticeships for the current pupils in the system.

Pupils travel cross the county borough to access secondary education at the Ystalyfera site, not just from the Swansea Valley area, and removing Bro Dur site 6th form pupils is unlikely to have significant impact on the schools ability to provide a service for linguistically sensitive communities.

9.Develop an enhanced holistic plan for the promotion of Welsh-medium education in collaboration with South Powys, East Carmarthenshire and Swansea Council 1-7 Neath Port Talbot officers will seek to open discussions with neighbouring authorities in an effort to address some of the issues arising from the variations of provision across the Welsh-medium sector.
10.Enhanced programme for second language Welsh teaching and learning in English medium education providing continuity from primary to secondary sector. 5, 7
(increase in these outcomes would impact other outcomes)
Cymraeg Campus will be an integral part of planning for the Curriculum for Wales within all schools, with an emphasis on a whole school progression approach (supported by our Welsh in Education officer and Educational Development Officer-Welsh within English medium). This will increase learner and staff confidence in using the Welsh language and impact positively on the ethos of all schools. The new SV school’s Cymraeg Campus action plan will be used to ensure regular opportunities for learners, staff and the wider community to engage in activities that increase confidence in the Welsh language and promote Welsh modern culture and history. This will lead to an increased awareness of the relevance/ importance of Welsh in their everyday lives. We will continue to build on the success of our annual ‘Gig Gymraeg’ within the YGYBD Welsh-medium cluster for Y6 and Y7 learners and roll this out across the LA, ensuring that all Y6 pupils in the three English-medium schools have access to the contemporary Welsh-medium music festival currently held in YGYBD, Ystalyfera site. The NPT schools website, created by learners, to promote modern Welsh culture, history and local area will be launched and added to on a regular basis in all Welsh medium schools and rolled out to all English medium schools. Staff from each of the three Swansea Valley schools will work together on the project, helping to forge good working relationships and an increased sense of belonging and pride ahead of the move into being one school.
11. Action Plan to Promote the Welsh Language in Neath Port Talbot for the period 2018-23
 1-7 The Welsh Language Promotion Strategy 2018-2023 is monitored annually by the Cabinet Scrutiny/Cabinet. The strategy and the annual reports are published on NPT website (available in English and Welsh). The next annual report is going to Cabinet in November.