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Prize winners

Here is the list of winners for the Let’s Talk prize draw. Please note, some of the winners chose not to take up the offer of a prize:

A (no surname provided); A Bold; A Davies; A Isaac; A Lewis; A Mckernan; B Curtis; B Holdsworth; C Burke; C Cook; C Hamilton; C Heycock; C Norling; C Rollings; E Jones; E Woods; F Clegg; G Hodges; J Davies; J McPherson; J Pain; J Stacey; K Brown; K Godfrey; K James; K James; K Kemp; K Mason; K Smith; L Edwards; L Kent; L Leslie; L Mohammadi-jouzdani; L Morris; M Alleyne; M Lewis; N Holloway; P Collins; P Firth; P Jones; R Evans; R Pearson; R Sims; R Sullivan; S James; S Lane; S Page; S Rowlands; S Thomas; T Maggs