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What you can do

Sort things out early

Many neighbour problems can be sorted out simply by talking to each other. Sometimes people genuinely don’t know they are creating a nuisance. If a concern doesn’t involve serious threats or violence, it may be best for you to discuss it with your neighbour in the first instance, before taking it further.

We would advise that you only do this if you feel confident in resolving the problem amicably. Remember, your safety is paramount and we would not suggest that you approach anyone who is known to be violent or aggressive.   

It may be possible for us to offer mediation

The partnership can only take actions over problems brought to its attention.  It is important for you to report incidents via 101 (see below for more details).  We screen all calls for anti-social behaviour and in this way we can progress cases further.

We rely on evidence that you and our partnership agencies can supply which will enable us to progress cases further.