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Team NPT Awards

Our Team NPT Awards took place yesterday afternoon. After a gruelling shortlisting round, the 86 nominees have been narrowed down to the final 18, and the winners are:

Our first award is the Community Support Award

From supporting children, young people and vulnerable residents through to employers and the business community, council teams have certainly gone ‘above and beyond’ over the past 21 months. The Community Support Award recognises a Team that worked to provide much needed ongoing support.

The 3 finalists in this category in alphabetical order are:

  • The Community Connecting Team
  • Cynnydd and the Wellbeing & Behaviour Service
  • And …Workways+

To announce the winner, here’s Welsh Rugby and Osprey’s legend …and local boy James Hook.

Congratulations and well done team! Once again, the winners of the Community Support Award are: Cynnydd & the Wellbeing & Behaviour Service

Next up is the Collaboration Award

This rewards a Team that has reached out to form effective collaborations with other council teams or partner agencies.

The 3 finalists in this category are:

  • The Education Cleaning Service
  • The Education Welfare Service
  • AND …NPT Safe and Well

To announce the winner, Port Talbot born, up and coming actor, star of BBC TV comedy drama ‘In My Skin’ for which she won a BAFTA Cymru Award in 2019 …it’s ‎Gabrielle Creevy!

Congratulations! Once again, the winner of the Collaboration Award is  NPT Safe & Well!

Award number 3 is the Innovation Award

The past 21 months have called for creative solutions to specific and in some cases newly identified needs, both internally and externally, in order to support residents and communities. This award recognises a Team that thought ‘outside the box’ to come up with new solutions and ways of working that will benefit the council into the future.

The 3 finalists in this category are:

  • Digital Services – Software Development Services
  • Environmental Health’s – Air Quality Team
  • Environmental Health’s – Team of ‘Noise Busters’!

 To announce the winner, I’d like to introduce popular Welsh entertainer and panto star …Mr Mike Doyle!

Once again, the winners of the Innovation Award are; The Environmental Health – Air Quality Team!

Our 4th award is the Frontline Services Award

This award is for a team that has worked to provide an immediate response to unforeseen circumstances in support of the community and co-workers. It also shows again how we, as a council, can mobilise to provide immediate and targeted help.

Now, as we mentioned earlier, this is the award our judging panel decided to split out into 2 separate awards.

So, the first award is the Frontline Services Award – for targeted Covid response

There are 6 shortlisted finalists in this category! They are:

  • The Business Rates Team
  • The Covid 19 Enforcement Team
  • Education Welfare Services
  • Housing Benefit Team
  • Legal Regulatory Services
  • AND … The Training & Development Team

We’ll be announcing the winner shortly.

 The second Frontline Services Award is for – for delivering core services during the pandemic. This award reminds us that as well as reacting and responding to urgent and changing needs during the pandemic, frontline council staff also had to find ways to deliver those critical core services.

In alphabetical order, the 3 shortlisted finalists in THIS category are:

  • Access Managed Services – primary and special school catering
  • Development Management
  • Streetcare Services

 Now, to announce the winners of both Frontline Service awards,  another legend of Welsh rugby …TV pundit and NPT resident Mr Sean Holley!

Congratulations! Once again, to both sets of winners of our Frontline Services Awards. Environmental Health Covid-19 Enforcement Team, Streetcare Services

And now for the final Team NPT award being presented by the Council Leader, Cllr Ted Latham

This last award is different to the others in one main way. That is, the judging panel was just the Council Leader, Cllr Ted Latham.

Cllr Latham was asked to read through all nominations received in all the categories and choose just one winner for his Leader’s Award.

So, the winner of the Team NPT Leader’s Award is…

The Training & Development Team!

Once again, the winners of the Leader’s Award …please give them a cheer again …The Training & Development Team!

 Our Chief Exec Karen Jones would like to say thanks once again to:

  • Everyone who took the time to nominate teams for these awards
  • All teams who were nominated – include the many worthy teams we haven’t been able to mention
  • And …of course all of worthy winners this afternoon