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VAWDASV Ask & Act Group 2 & 3 Training

People must attend the half day virtual Group 2 training before the full day Group 3

Group 2 training is for:  public service staff who are most likely to be making contact with those experiencing domestic abuse, sexual violence and other forms of gender based violence as part of their roles e.g. in a public facing role, coming into regular contact with the general public; and in a role where the experience of their client group of these forms of violence and abuse complicates and impacts on the nature of the clients engagement with the service offered in that role. Priority for training should be given to those professionals with the greatest face to face contact with potential victims and with families and such professionals should be selected from across the relevant authorities

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Group 3 training is for:  those who are working closely with families experiencing forms of violence against women, domestic abuse and sexual violence in their current job role (but who do not specialise in this area) and those who perform a champion role for their organisation.  This will ensure that in each of the relevant authorities a proportion of professionals who are currently working with those experiencing violence against women, domestic abuse and sexual violence as part of their existing role, are trained to an enhanced level (beyond that provided to group 2) and; that any public service employee who is required by their organisation to act as an officer level “champion” in relation to these issues is trained to an enhanced level (beyond group 2).

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These new sessions are regional in partnership with Swansea and the Health Board and in addition to those we offer internally.​