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Cost of Living Payment- £150

Applications for the £150 cost of living payment have now closed

The Welsh Government has announced a £150 cost-of-living payment. This is part of the Cost of Living Support Scheme administered by local councils.


To be eligible for the main scheme payment a person must either meet condition A or B.

Only one payment of £150 will be made to each household. It does not matter which group it falls into.

Condition A

Live in a property in Council Tax band A-D and meet all these criteria:

  • Be liable for Council Tax on the property on 15 February 2022 and
  • Not be receiving a Council Tax exemption for that property on 15 February 2022 and
  • Be living in the property as their main or primary home on 15 February 2022 and
  • Be responsible for paying the utility and other regular bills for that property on 15 February 2022.

Residents living in a band E property who receive disabled band reduction into band D are also eligible if they meet the above criteria.

Condition B

Live in a property for which they received support from the Council Tax Reduction scheme (means-tested) on 15 February 2022.

If you do not meet the above conditions, a discretionary fund payment is also available.

Discretionary Fund

A discretionary fund is also available to support households which may be struggling with the cost of living. 

Receiving payment

If we have been able to automatically pay you the £150 it will have been paid into your bank account by the 25th April 2022.

If we cannot pay it automatically into your bank account you will be sent a letter inviting you to apply for the payment. You must wait for this letter before trying to apply. The letter will give you the reference numbers you need to make the claim.

You should receive your letter by the 25th May 2022. If you do not receive your letter by the 25th May 2022 but believe you meet the criteria for the award please email the team at

You will need to give

  • your full name
  • your full address
  • your council tax reference (starting with a number 6 on all correspondence sent by us)
  • details why you think you meet the qualifying criteria

Applying for the payment

Applications for the £150 cost of living payment have now closed

If you have received your letter inviting you to apply for the payment then you can apply below.

Please wait for the letter and do not ring the team for the reference numbers needed.  They will not be able to give the information by phone.

Before you apply please make sure you have –

  • the letter we sent you which gives your reference number and PIN number
  • your bank account and sort code
  • your national insurance number if you currently claim Council Tax Support
  • your email address
  • your telephone number
Deadline for registrations: 5.00pm, Friday 30 September 2022

Help to apply

We can provide support if you do not have someone who can help you complete the online application.

Approximately 60,000 households will be eligible for this scheme. Due to the expected demand, this support will be provided on an appointment basis only. You may have to wait several weeks for an available appointment.

You can request this help by contacting us by:

More information

More detailed information about the scheme can be found on the Welsh Government website