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Housing Consultations

What is the Housing Support Programme Strategy?

The Strategy aims to make Neath Port Talbot a place where nobody is homeless and everyone has a safe place to live.

The Strategy shows how we will work with people and organisations to make sure we have the right numbers and types of housing.

We will ask people what they think of our Strategy, and look at how it can help stop people from becoming homeless or quickly help them to find somewhere to live.

We would like to know what you think of the Strategy.

You can answer our online questionnaire:

You can also email us at

What do we want to achieve?

Our vision is to create a Neath Port Talbot where everyone has an equal opportunity to be healthier, happier, safer and prosperous.

To help achieve this we aim to tackle the root cause of homelessness, to ensure that Neath Port Talbot is a place where nobody is homeless and everyone has a safe home where they can flourish and live a fulfilled, active and independent life.

How will we do it ?

Neath Port Talbot aims to end homelessness. We will do all we can to prevent homelessness from happening, and if it does, that there is an appropriate and compassionate response to enabling all households to obtain secure and safe accommodation.

To do this we need to work differently.

  • We need to procure more housing to offer good quality temporary accommodation, and facilitate the supply of permanent, affordable homes.
  • We will transition to the development of a Rapid Rehousing model, so everyone in crisis can be housed and supported very quickly.
  • We need to ensure our support model is fit for purpose, and can deliver tailored, appropriate support.
  • We will build on our relationships with our partners to co-create a housing pathway that works for our community, because we know we cannot end homelessness on our own.
  • We will provide a personalised response to each person which considers their experience and the underlying causes of their crisis.

What are we going to focus on?

  • Priority 1— Strengthening approaches to early intervention and prevention: We will review existing services, how people access them, and ensure all staff are appropriately trained.
  • Priority 2—Working in partnership: We will work with partners to increase the supply of suitable affordable accommodation, and with stakeholders to inform service development.
  • Priority 3—Rapid rehousing: We will work with stakeholders to develop our Rapid Rehousing Transition Plan outlining our approach over the next five years.
  • Priority 4—Strengthening or improving access to support services: We will look at how IT could be better used to help deliver, information, advice and assistance.· Priority 5—Joint commissioning: We will establish Service Area Reviews to identify further opportunities for joint commissioning or funding, and update our monitoring arrangements to ensure services are of high quality and deliver value for money.

How to have your say

You can answer our online questionnaire:

Have your say

You can also email us at


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