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Working for NPTCBC

Neath Port Talbot Council is making significant investment in Social Services and is a great place for anyone wishing to further their social care career.

The Council values its employees and has taken practical steps to help them to achieve a
balance between their work and home lives. The Council has developed a number of
schemes to promote and encourage flexible working, as well as leave arrangements that
can assist employees to address family commitments and emergencies:

  • Compressed Hours - The purpose of this scheme is to give employees the opportunity to compress their working week or fortnight. An example could be a nine day fortnight, with the employee still working an average of 37 hours per week.
  • Flexible Working Hours - Employees are able to vary work start and finish times to suit their needs, subject to the needs of the service.
  • Four Day/Reduced Hours Working Scheme - Employees may work a reduced working week, e.g. 30 hours, to assist with out of work responsibilities and demands.
  • Job Sharing - Jobs may be shared by two people where appropriate. The working arrangements and responsibilities will be at the discretion of the Council in consultation with the prospective job sharers.
  • Term-Time Working - This scheme provides employees with the opportunity to take unpaid leave of absence during some or all school holidays.
  • Maternity Leave/Paternity Support - This scheme supports and provides time off work for new and expectant mothers. Maternity Support Leave of up to 5 days (with pay) is available for fathers, partners or a carer employed by the Council at or around the time of birth.
  • Parental Leave - Up to the child’s eighth birthday (or 18th birthday if disabled), and subject to one years service, parents can take up to 13 weeks unpaid leave to look after a child (a maximum of 4 weeks per year per child)
  • Special Leave - This scheme allows employees to take time off for public duties e.g. School Governor, service in the military reserves. It also allows time off for Medical Screening, Adoption, Bereavement, candidate in Elections etc. The scheme specifies which leave is paid or unpaid.
  • Time off for dependents - An employee may take time off work without pay to deal with an unexpected or sudden problem e.g. where a dependant falls ill, or has an accident.

In addition, the Council offers a competitive relocation scheme for social workers and will reimburse job candidates for certain expenses incurred in relation to interviews.


  • Relocation Scheme (DOC 42 KB)

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  • Interview Expense Claim Form (DOC 55 KB)

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