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Types of Fostering

What types of fostering are there?

Being a foster carer doesn’t have to mean looking after a child seven days a week. There are lots of different ways of fostering. Take a moment to consider which type of fostering could be right for you:

  • Short Term Fostering - Offer short term care to a child or young person, until they are able to return home.
  • Long Term Fostering - Offer a permanent home to a child or young person until they reach independence.
  • Fostering Brothers and Sisters - If you have the space, look after brothers and sisters and help keep a family group together.
  • Fostering Teenagers - Our scheme provides care for young people who may have challenging behaviour.
  • Parent and Baby Fostering - To provide short term care, support and guidance for a parent and their baby.
  • Fostering Children with Disabilities - To provide care for a child or young person with a disability.
  • Remand Fostering – Foster carers work with young people who are involved in the youth justice system.
  • Emergency Fostering - Look after a child or a young person for a short time in an emergency.

What you can offer may depend on your work and family commitments. We encourage applications from families living in Neath, Port Talbot and Pontardawe.

Private Fostering

Private fostering is an arrangement made for a child 16 or under, or under 18 if a child is disabled, to be cared for by someone other than a close relative. It describes arrangements for child care made privately between the child's parents and a carer of their choice.

You must inform Children’s and Young People’s Services:

  • As soon as possible after making an arrangement for your child to live with a private foster carer,
  • Within 48 hours, if the arrangement is made in an emergency,
  • When the arrangement ends. 

Fostering Support and Training

When you are a fostering family, we can offer a range of support to help you as much as possible.

Fostering Payments

As a foster carer you will receive the following:

  • a weekly foster carer fee
  • a weekly allowance (full details below) for each child or young person
  • allowance for clothing and pocket money for each child or young person
  • Christmas, Birthday and holiday grants paid for each child or young person
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Advice and Information

During your time as a fostering family, you will need support and help. As a Fostering Team we will provide you with all the support and help you and your family will need. We believe training is an important way to gain further skills and to meet other foster carers. The courses will be within the local area and there is an expectation for you to attend.


You will have access to the following training:

  • Pre-Approval "Skills to Foster" Training is available for all the family
  • Continuous training is available to help you develop your knowledge and understanding
  • Opportunity to gain a Diploma in Health & Social Care (Children &Young People)

We will provide on-going support through supervision, advice and guidance.  You will receive

  • A dedicated Fostering Social Worker
  • Invitation to Support groups
  • Membership to our NPT Foster Care Association

Out of Hours On-Call Support

Support is available during the evening and at weekends via a dedicated telephone line.

Leisure Concessions

As a fostering family, you will receive a Celtic Community Leisure pass. This offers concessions at all the leisure centres within the County Borough.

Sons and Daughters Support

If you have your own children at home, they will be fostering too.  We recognise this and offer support for your birth children. We also provide:

  • Training sessions
  • Activity days
  • Family fun days

Call us on 01639 685866

Our Fostering team regularly take part in events throughout the year. These include 'Foster care Fortnight campaign' and also Welsh Cakes for kids Campaign where we received support from hollywood actor Michael Sheen. This page will be updated when more information becomes available.

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Fostering Photographs

Here are some photographs of Ziggi and Hollywood actor Michael Sheen promoting fostering throughout the Borough.  If you want to see more photographs, please visit us on Facebook NPT Fostering and like our page and share with your friends.


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