Fostering at NPT

fostering girl

What types of fostering are there?

Being a foster carer doesn’t have to mean looking after a child seven days a week. There are lots of different ways of fostering. Take a moment to consider which type of fostering could be right for you:

  • Short Term Fostering - Offer short term care to a child or young person, until they are able to return home.
  • Long Term Fostering - Offer a permanent home to a child or young person until they reach independence.
  • Fostering Brothers and Sisters - If you have the space, look after brothers and sisters and help keep a family group together.
  • Fostering Teenagers - Our scheme provides care for young people who may have challenging behaviour.
  • Parent and Baby Fostering - To provide short term care, support and guidance for a parent and their baby.
  • Fostering Children with Disabilities - To provide care for a child or young person with a disability.
  • Emergency Fostering - Look after a child or a young person for a short time in an emergency.

What you can offer may depend on your work and family commitments. We encourage applications from families living in Neath, Port Talbot and Pontardawe.