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Transfer Protocol

Transferring from your current agency to us is straightforward.  If you are an experienced foster carer and are looking for a change, then transferring over to us may be just what you need.

Transfer Protocol
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Fostering Support

When you are a fostering family, we can offer a range of support to help you as much as possible.  We will provide on-going support through supervision, advice and guidance.  You will receive

  • A dedicated Fostering Social Worker
  • Inhouse therapeutic support
  • Invitations to support groups
  • Membership to our NPT Foster Care Association

Fostering Payments

As a foster carer you will receive the following:

  • a weekly foster carer fee
  • a weekly allowance for each child or young person
  • allowance for clothing and pocket money for each child or young person
  • Christmas, Birthday and holiday grants paid for each child or young person

Advice and Information

During your time as a fostering family, you will need support and help. As a Fostering Team we will provide you with all the support and help you and your family will need. We believe training is an important way to gain further skills and to meet other foster carers. The courses will be within the local area and there is an expectation for you to attend.


You will have access to:

  • Pre-Approval "Skills to Foster" Training is available for all the family
  • Continuous training is available to help you develop your knowledge and understanding
  • Opportunity to gain a Diploma in Health & Social Care (Children &Young People) 

Out of Hours On-Call Support

Support is available during the evening and at weekends via a dedicated telephone line.

Leisure Concessions

As a fostering family, you will receive a Celtic Community Leisure pass. This offers concessions at all the leisure centres within the County Borough.

Sons and Daughters Support

If you have your own children at home, they will be fostering too.  We recognise this and offer support for your birth children. We also provide:

  • Training sessions
  • Activity days
  • Family fun days

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