Session 3 Matter 3: 13 March

Session 3 Matter 3: 13 March

Housing Provision - Distribution and Numbers

Fri 13 March 2015 at 10.00 am - Committee Rooms 1 and 2, Port Talbot Civic Centre

Deadline for submission of Hearings Statements: Wed 18 February 2015
Representors and Hearings Statements
Rep ID  Representor (Agent) Statement Attended
  Neath Port Talbot CBC M3-S3-NPTCBC  Y
0011 Cuddy Demolition and Dismantling Ltd (GJP) M3-S3-0011  Y
0035 Persimmon Homes Wales and West and New County Leisure (GJP) M3-S3-0035  Y
0042 St Modwen Developments Ltd (Savills) M3-S3-0042  Y
0051 Tolkein Property Ltd (GJP) M3-S3-0051  Y
0089 Mr Stephen Hall -  Y
0148 E Patterson and V Price (CDN) -  N
0153 Mr H G Rees (Mr P Weavers) -  N
0017 Home Builders Federation M3-S3-0017  Y
0041 Ryehill Properties (Wales Ltd (BW) -  N
0056 Welsh Government M3-S3-0056  Y
0076 Mr Richard Davies - *Same Statement for Matters 2 and 3 M3-S3-0076*  N
0128 Mr Keith Miller (CDN)


M3-S3-0128 Apdx A

0150 Mr V Price (CDN) - N
0167 Mr Huw Thomas - N
0187 Tonna Community Council - Y
   Italics: Participants declined / unable to attend    
Matters Arising Documents
Ref Description Submitted by
AP3 Action Points for Matter 3 Inspectors / Council
AP3.1 Matter 3 (AP1) Vacancy Rate and Housing Requirement Council
AP.3.3 Matter 3 (AP3) JHLAS Statement of Common Ground between NPTCBC, HBF and other stakeholders Council
AP3.2 Matter 3 (AP2) Emerging Windfall  RSL Schemes Council
AP3.4 and AP4.8 Matter 3 (AP4) and Matter 4 (AP8) Phasing and Delivery of New Housing Provision Council
 AP3.5 Matter 3 (AP5) Landbank Sites and 5-Year Land Supply Council
ED041  Link to email correspondence rwith HBF re comments on AP3.5 and AP5.6  HBF/Council/PO
 AP3.8 Matter 3 (AP8) Greenspace Council
 AP3.6 Matter 3 (AP6) Policy BE1 Design Council
 AP3.7 Matter 3 (AP7) Examination Document ED022 Council