Local Biodiversity Action Plan

In 2014 a new way of prioritising wildlife conservation in NPT was launched. The new Local Biodiversity Action Plan – LBAP – has a commitment to enhance all biodiversity in NPT.

The plan contains spreadsheets for individual habitats and species or collections such as pollinators. These show the current status and trends in NPT, known threats and record all projects that contribute to the conservation and enhancement of the habitats and species. All work, however small, is recorded here. This is mapped and compared with other information such as known distribution of a species. These maps show how much work is being done in NPT by all partners; it also allows the Biodiversity Forum to focus resources  where most needed.

The plan is a fluid document. At each NPT Biodiversity Forum meeting project information is collected. The Biodiversity Team maintain the data and highlight any issues that need to be addressed. The document is not published because it is constantly changing. If you would like any information on a species or habitat please contact the team directly.

Habitats and Species

The NPT LBAP pledges to protect and enhance, through partnership work and the planning process, any species or habitat found in NPT that has European or UK legal protection, is listed on the Welsh Government list of habitats and species of principal importance in Wales, known as the Section 7 list, or is of particular local importance and specifically chosen by the NPT Biodiversity Forum. For more information on the species found in NPT please contact the South East Wales Biodiversity Records Centre.

NPT Biodiversity Forum

The Biodiversity Forum is made up of representatives from a wide range of organisations plus individuals with an interest in local wildlife and land management. It is open to anyone to join and is responsible for the delivery of the LBAP. The Biodiversity Team provide the secretariat and there is an independent chair.