Examination Documents

Examination Documents

Documents and correspondence prepared and submitted in relation to the Examination.

ED001 List of eligible representors requested to participate (NPT/PO Oct-14)

ED002 Letter of introduction to Representors (PO/Inspectors Nov-14)

ED003 Guidance Notes for Representors (Inspectors/PO Nov-14)

ED004 Inspectors' Letter to Council requesting housing trajectory information (Inspectors 01.12.14)

ED005 Pre-Hearing Meeting (PHM) Agenda for 28 January 2015 (Inspectors/PO Dec-14)

ED006 Council's Notice of LDP Examination PHM & Hearings dates (Dec-14)

ED007 REVISED Hearing Sessions Programme (Inspectors/PO 08.06.15) 

ED008 Council's Observations on Focussed Changes Representations (Council Jan-15)

ED009 Review of Levels of Growth 2015 (Peter Brett Associates)

ED010 Phasing & Delivery of New Housing Provision (Council Jan-15) 

ED011 Inspectors' List of Matters and Issues (Jan-15) 

ED012 Pre-Hearing Meeting Note of Proceedings (Inspectors Feb-15) 

ED013 Ministerial Letter from Carl Sargeant - use of 2011 household projections (WG April-14) 

ED014 Link to Hearing Sessions documents including Agendas, Further Statements & Matters Arising Documents 

ED015 NRW correspondence re strategic Port Talbot Harbour site Flood Risk matters and revised SFCA:

ED016 Plans showing canals safeguarded by Policy BE3 (for Session 16: Matter 10 on 21 April 2015):

ED017 Merthyr Tydfil CIL Examination Report (Pins Feb-14)

ED018 Written Statement by Carl Sargeant - Stimulating Home Building in Wales (WG Jul-13)

ED019 Older Peoples’ Services Commissioning Strategy 2013-2016 (NPTCBC)

ED020 Corporate Improvement Plan 2014-2017 ‘Rising to the Challenge’ (NPTCBC)

ED021 Opening Statement of the Council (March 2015)

ED022 Policy H1 New Housing Sites - Status of Planning Applications (NPTCBC March-15) 

ED023 Appeal Decision dated 3 December 2010 (APP/Y6930/A/2136432) re Land at Tycoch Farm, Leiros Parc Drive, Neath SA10 8ED

ED024 Policy Framework Index (Inspector March-15) 

ED025 Affordable Housing Viability Assessment Guidance Notes (NPTCBC March-15) 

ED026 Schedule of Council Action Points for Hearings 1-21 (REVISED 19-June-15)  

ED027 Inspectors' Preliminary Findings on Housing Provision (Inspectors Apr-15)

ED028 Correspondence with Mr Perkins (1231):

ED029 Restoration of the Neath, Tennant & Swansea Canals (WS Atkins 2002) - Session 16 Culture & Heritage

ED030 NRW further correspondence re flood risk matters at Harbourside, Port Talbot – Session 13 Environment:

ED031 Baglan& Crymlyn Burrows Geomorphological Report 06.02.14 (KPAL) - Session 13 Environment

ED032 H1-20 Purcell Avenue (St Modwen Apr-15) - Session 12 Outstanding Housing Matters 

ED033 Responses to Councils Clarification Note AP4.2 - Session 5 Housing Provision – Allocated Housing Sites (1):

ED034 Inspectors' Preliminary Findings on Affordable Housing (Apr-15) - AP4.16 

ED035 Inspectors' comments on requirement for full revision of Affordable Housing Viability Study (Apr-15) - AP4.17

ED036 Comments on Councils response to AP7.9 - SSA E/SSA F: Built, Operational & Consented Capacity:

ED037 REVISED Note for Matters Arising Changes Hearing - Session 22 (Inspectors Jun-15) 

ED038 Council's Consultation on Matters Arising Changes (MACs) documents (June 2015):

ED039 Representations received on Matters Arising Changes (MAC) consultation (August 2015)

ED040 Sustainability Appraisal of Proposed Schedule of Matters Arising Changes (Council August 2015) 

ED041 Email correspondence with HBF re additional comments to AP3.5 – landbank sites & AP5.6 – section 106 packages for gypsy & traveller provision (Aug-15) 

ED042 Letter to Council requesting additional info in respect of MAC responses (Inspectors 2.9.15)

ED043 Emails re Inspectors' request for re-run graphs on Affordable Housing Viability Study & Revised AHVS Graphs Percentage of Units 03.09.2015  

ED044 Email to Council with Inspectors' Supplementary Questions on Affordable Housing (14.9.15) 

ED045 Council's Response to Affordable Housing Supplementary Questions (24.915)

ED046 Responses to Inspectors’ request for additional info re MAC reps (25.9.15):

ED047 Final Inspectors' Report (Dec 2015):

ED048 LDP Adoption Documents