Part 4a: Wales Planning Policy (WPP)

Part 4a: Wales Planning Policy (WPP)


WPP01 Planning Policy Wales (Edition 7) (WG) (2014) 

Ministerial / Written Statments

WPP02 Ministerial Interim Minerals Planning Policy Statement (MIMPPS) 01/2009 – on Health Impact Assessment for Opencast Coal Sites 

Technical Advice Notes (TANs)

WPP03 TAN 1: Joint Housing Land Availability Studies (WG 2006)

WPP03a TAN 1: CPO Letter re JHLAS (WG Jan-15)

WPP03b TAN 1: Joint Housing Land Availability Study (WG Jan-15) 

WPP04 TAN 2: Planning and Affordable Housing (WG 2006)

WPP05 TAN 3: Simplified Planning Zones (WG 1996)

WPP06 TAN 4: Retailing and Town Centres (WG 1996)

WPP07 TAN 5: Nature Conservation and Planning (WG 2009)

WPP08 TAN 6: Planning for Sustainable Rural Communities (WG 2010)

WPP09 TAN 7: Outdoor Advertisement Control (WG 1996)

WPP10 TAN 8: Planning for Renewable Energy (WG 2005)

WPP11 TAN 9: Enforcement of Planning Control (WG 1997)

WPP12 TAN 10: Tree Preservation Orders (WG 1997)

WPP13 TAN 11: Noise (WG 1997)

WPP14 TAN 12: Design (WG 2009)

WPP15 TAN 13: Tourism (WG 1997)

WPP16 TAN 14: Coastal Planning (WG 1998)

WPP17 TAN 15: Development and Flood Risk (WG 2004)

WPP17a TAN15: CPO Letter re update of DAMs & Approval of SMPs (WG Jan-15)

WPP17b TAN15: Revised DAM & Flood Risk Maps (WG Jan-15) 

WPP18 TAN 16: Sport, Recreation and Open Space (WG 2009)

WPP19 TAN 18: Transport (WG 2007)

WPP20 TAN 19: Telecommunications (WG 2002)

WPP21 TAN 20: Planning and the Welsh Language (WG 2013)

WPP22 TAN 21: Waste (WG 2014)

WPP23 TAN 22: Planning for Sustainable Buildings (WG 2010)

WPP24 TAN 23: Economic Development (WG 2014)


WPP25 Minerals Planning Policy Wales (WG) (2000)

WPP26 Interim Marine Aggregates Dredging Policy (WG) (2004)

WPP27 Minerals Technical Advice Note (MTAN) 1 Wales: Aggregates (2004) (WG)

WPP28 Minerals Technical Advice Note (MTAN) 2 Wales: Coal (2009) (WG)


WPP29 Circular 1/98: Planning and the Historic Environment: Directions by the Secretary of State for Wales (WO 1998)

WPP30 Circular 13/97: Planning Obligations (WO 1997)

WPP31 Circular 16/94: Planning Out Crime (WO 1994)

WPP32 Circular 30/2007: Planning for Gypsy and Traveller Caravan Sites (WAG 2007)

WPP33 Circular 78/91: Travelling Show People 

WPP34 Circular 60/96: Planning and the Historic Environment: Archaeology (WO 1996)

WPP35 Circular 61/96: Planning and the Historic Environment: Historic Buildings and Conservation Areas (WO 1996)

Chief Planning Oficer (CPOs) Letters

WPP36 Planning Policy on Flood Risk and Insurance Industry Changes (January 2014)

WPP37 Community Renewable Energy Projects (December 2013)

WPP38 Regional Technical Statements for Aggregates (RTS) Review (May 2013)

WPP39 Publication of the Aggregates Safeguarding Map of Wales (November 2012)

Policy Clarification Letters

WPP40 CL-01-12: Planning and Waste – Interim Planning Position

WPP41 CL-02-11: Technical Advice Note 16: Open Space – Interpretation of Fields in Trust "Benchmark Standards" in Local Development Plans

WPP42 CL-02-09: Welsh Assembly Government Household Projections

WPP43 CL-04-04: Policy Clarification Note Unitary Development Plans – Waste Policies Hazardous Waste Planning Applications