Renew your book

Email error 9/10/19: A test email was sent out last night in error. If you were advised that a reservation is ready to pick up or that items on loan are nearly due for return and you have neither, please ignore the email. Some customers may have received this in error. Apologies for any inconvenience caused. For further information, please contact your library.

You can avoid any overdue charges by renewing your library books and other items before they are due back.

Items can be renewed twice and the easiest way is to renew online. 

You will need your library bar code number and a PIN which you can obtain from your local library.

Renew your library books

Other ways to renew

At your local library

You can bring your items to your local library and ask a member of staff to renew them for you. You can also renew your items twice without bringing them to the library. We will need to see the items if you wish to renew again.

Phone your local library

You can renew your items twice by ringing your local library - all you will need is your library barcode number (on your library card).