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Commuting to Work by Bike

Why cycle to work?

Cycling is quicker than a car in towns, faster than walking and the bike is one of the most energy-efficient machines . The amount of energy to power a cycle three miles would only move a car 85 metres! You are also playing an important part in reducing emissions of the planet-warming gas CO2.

How a cycle to work scheme works

Your employer may either run a cycle to work scheme themselves or through a third-party provider, like a bike shop. Through the scheme, you could get access to a loaned bike and/or safety equipment.

You must use the bike and/or safety equipment mainly (more than 50 per cent of the time) for 'qualifying' journeys. This means a journey or part of a journey:

Taking part in the scheme means that you don't have to pay a lump sum up front to buy a bike and/or safety equipment. Instead, you could loan the bike and/or equipment from your employer, usually up to the value of £1000.

Listed below are some of the many websites that can offer advice and suggestions on how these schemes work:-

Cycle Parking in Neath Port Talbot

A secure, convenient place to leave your bike is important, whether you are going to work, popping into the shops, or visiting a rural village.  In order to help widen travel choices, and encourage physical activity, Neath Port Talbot have installed a number of bike stands throughout the borough.

If you know a location where a stand would be useful, we would be happy to hear your suggestions.  Please e-mail them to:

For existing cycle parking locations in Neath Port Talbot, please see the map below.

Map of Cycle Parking in Neath Port Talbot

  • Map of Cycle Parking in Neath Port Talbot (PDF 1.11 MB)

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