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Do I need Planning Permission?

You dont need planning permission for some building work. This is called permitted development.

You can find examples of common projects at the Planning Portal. This will tell you if your project is covered by permitted development, which means you won’t need planning permission.

Examples of common projects include:

To find out more about permitted development and whether you need planning permission visit Planning Portal: Do you need permission?

The Planning Portal is a national website for all planning permissions and information in England and Wales. The information and services it offers are designed for home owners, businesses, planning professionals and Government officials. 

The Planning Portal also has an interactive diagram of a house to give planning advice on various parts of your property, such as changing windows, putting up gates or building a garage. 

How to apply for planning permission?

Most planning applications are now submitted online. You can also download the application form to fill in at your leisure.

Apply for planning permission
(when applying please make sure the Welsh flag is at the top right of the page)

Lawful Development Certificate - Proposed development

If you are still unsure whether planning permission is needed, you can submit an application for a Certificate of lawful development.  This is not the same as planning permission, but if a Certificate is issued (because we agree that planning permission is not required) then it is proof that your development is ‘lawful’.

Please note that a fee is payable for a Certificate of lawfulness of proposed development which is half the normal fee. For a ‘householder’ development (such as an extension) , this means a fee of £90.  If you wish to apply to confirm that something you have built already does not require planning permission, then a full fee would be payable, which is £190 for a householder development.

Apply for Lawful Development Certificate