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Recycle More Food Waste

Results of Neath Port Talbot Kerbside Residual Waste Analysis 2015

The good news is that residual waste in black bags and wheelie bins has reduced by 16,000 tonnes since 2009 and residents in Neath Port Talbot are really good at recycling glass, plastic bottles and cans.

The graph below shows that although there is less residual waste overall, there is still a lot of waste in bins and black bags that could be recycled. For example we need to do more to recycle food waste – researchers found a lot of food waste in bins still in its packaging.

We need to achieve strict recycling targets set by the Welsh Government to avoid costly fines. Our current target is 58% which we are on course to achieve. The waste analysis shows us where we need to increase our efforts to recycle more. This will help reduce waste even further and go a long way to achieve our next recycling target of 64% by 2020.

If you are unsure of what can be recycled, or if you need more recycling kit, go to our recycling pages. 


Number Waste Type


Waste Type
1 News and Magazines 13 Glass bottles and jars
2 Cardboard 14 Other glass
3 Non-recyclable Paper 15 Garden Waste
4 Plastic Film 16 Rubble and Soil
5 Plastic Bottles 17 Food Waste
6 Other plastic packaging 18 Other organic
7 Other dense plastic 19 Metal Cans
8 Textiles and footwear 20 Other Metals
9 AHP's 21 WEEE
10 Wood and Cork 22 Other Hazardous Waste
11 other combustibles 23 Items under <10mm
12 Other non-combustibles