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Supplementary Guidance

Supplementary Guidance

The Council considers that the LDP contains sufficient information and policies to provide the basis for the determination of planning applications through the development management process. Notwithstanding this, opportunities have been identified throughout the Plan for further detailed guidance to be provided on particular issues.

Selective use of Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG) is a means of setting out more detailed topic or site specific guidance on the way in which the policies of the LDP will be applied in particular circumstances or areas. While only policies in the LDP have special status in determining planning applications, SPG may be taken into account as a material consideration.

The Council has therefore produced the following list of SPG which it intends to produce and/or update during the course of the Plan period. For clarity, the LDP policy number which the SPG will further clarify is given along with an anticipated date of publication.

Upon adoption and implementation of the LDP it may become apparent that further SPG is required to clarify certain policies in the Plan. The Council therefore may need to issue additional SPG to those outlined in the table.

Supplementary Guidance

LDP Policy Reference Policy Name Supplementary Planning Guidance Anticipated Date of Publication
I1 Infrastructure Requirements

Planning Obligations

Published: October 2016
SP5 Development in the Coastal Corridor Strategy Area Fabian Way Innovation Corridor

September 2017

SRA2 Harbourside Strategic Regeneration Area Port Talbot Harbourside & Town Centre Development Framework October 2018
VRS1 Valleys Regeneration Scheme Park Avenue Development Framework October 2018
AH1 Affordable Housing Affordable Housing Published: October 2016
OS1 Open Space Provision Open Space & Greenspace Published: July 2017
EC1 Employment Allocations Baglan Energy Park Development Framework Published: October 2016
EN2 Special Landscape Areas Landscape and Seascape April 2018
EN6 Important Biodiversity and Geodiversity Sites Biodiversity and Geodiversity April 2018


Pollution and Land Stability

Pollution Published: October 2016
EN9 Developments in the Central Port Talbot Area Pollution Published: October 2016
RE2 Renewable and Low Carbon Energy in New Development Renewable & Low Carbon Energy Published: July 2017
SP20 Transport Network Parking Standards Published: October 2016
BE1 Design Design Published: July 2017
BE2 Buildings of Local Importance The Historic Environment October 2018
WL1 Developments in Language Sensitive Areas Development and the Welsh Language Published: July 2017

Section 106 Obligations - Viability Assessment Guidance Notes

Where an applicant indicates that they are unable to provide the identified Section 106 obligations on viability grounds, they will need to submit a detailed financial appraisal of the proposed development. The following document sets out the procedures for undertaking a viability assessment and provides guidance on the information that will be required as part of the submission.
Section 106 Obligations - Viability Assessment Guidance Notes (January 2018)
File type Document File size
pdf Section 106 Obligations – Viability Assessment Guidance Notes (January 2018) 446 KB