LDP Evidence Base

LDP Evidence Base

The LDP has been underpinned by a significant amount of gathered evidence. Whilst some of the information has been gathered from existing sources, a great deal has been established from original research commissioned or carried out by the Council. This information, referred to as the ‘evidence base’, has been used to identify the key issues and challenges facing the County Borough.

In addition, the Council has carried out an extensive programme of community engagement, involving both the public and a variety of stakeholder organisations. At the various stages of Plan preparation, a series of engagement events were arranged to identify the issues that exist, establish the community’s aspirations for the future, discuss the strategic direction of the Plan and consider the emerging policies and proposals for the Deposit Plan.

All the elements of engagement have been documented and form an integral part of the evidence base. The views expressed at each stage have all helped to inform the LDP.

The documents include a Consultation Report, Sustainability Appraisal, Habitats Regulations Appraisal and a range of background topic and evidence base papers as well as representations made at the Deposit Plan and Alternative Sites stages of plan preparation.

Main LDP Evidence Base Documents 

Background Topic Papers

Evidence Base Documents

Candidate Site Documents

Pre-Deposit Proposals Documents

Deposit Proposals Documents.