PA Academy

Developing your personal care skills

The PA Academy is open to people who are interested in increasing their opportunities to work as a Personal Assistant (PA) by developing their personal care skills. The PA Academy can provide you with the training and experience to do this. Whether you have no experience, are interested in finding out whether it is the job for you or are already registered as a PA then the PA Academy may be the perfect opportunity for you. Developing your personal care skills will enable you to apply for a wider range of job vacancies as a PA.

Employing a Personal Assistant Neath Port Talbot

What does the PA Academy involve?

The PA Academy is a 5 week programme that will consist of basic training in the delivery of personal care and practical experience. You will be expected to commit to a minimum of five hours a week, every week, for all 5 weeks, although how these hours are utilised will be by agreement.

(For example, you may wish to complete the hours by committing to one day a week, or two half days, or one hour a day).

During the PA Academy, you will not be expected to work on weekends or back holidays, and you will be paid for the 5 weeks training.


Basic training

Basic training will cover everything you need to know to become a competent PA in areas such as manual handling, food safety and delivering dignity.


Practical experience

Working alongside skilled, qualified Homecare staff, you will receive practical experience in personal care such as assisting someone to wash and get dressed.


What are the benefits of joining PA Academy?

Increase your job opportunities

Developing your skills through further training and experience in personal care will enable you to apply for a wider range of PA job vacancies. After completing the 5 week programme, you will be skilled in both aspects of social (leisure activities, chores) and personal (dressing, cleaning) care.


Enjoy job satisfaction by building relationships based on trust and respect

Providing care and support to a person, and developing a genuine relationship built on mutual respect and trust can be a very rewarding experience for both the person and the PA.

The advantage of the PA Academy is that throughout the programme you gain the experience needed by working with people who receive care and support. This is an opportunity for you to see how rewarding the job of PA can be and to explore what you are capable of.


What happens after the PA Academy programme?

When you have completed the 5 week programme with the PA Academy, the aim is to match you with someone who is searching for a PA to assist them with their care and support.

Also, if you are not already registered as a PA, you will be given the opportunity to be included on the Council’s register of PAs. There is also a dedicated page that displays the latest PA vacancies.


Who is the employer of a PA?

PAs are employed directly by the person they support. The person needing support will receive a direct payment to arrange and pay for this (PA wages will come out of this). Personal assistants are not employed by Neath Port Talbot Council.


Join the PA Academy

New PAs

If you are not currently on our register of PAs, please complete our online form.

Existing PAs

Contact the Direct Payments Support Team on:

Telephone: 01639 686812