Children and Young People

There are a number of specific services available locally for those aged 11 -25 who are experiencing problems with their own substance use. 

You can access these services directly or with the help of someone else (doctor, social worker, youth worker, family, friends, teacher etc.):

These service providers also offer advice and guidance for young people living in families where substances are being misused but who may not be misusing substances themselves.


There are several organisations that provide support with drug and alcohol issues in Western Bay:

The types of services on offer include:

How to access these services

If you or someone you know, want help with managing or stopping drug and alcohol use and you are an adult living within Western Bay you will need to contact the AADAS assessment service who will talk to you about which route would be best for you.  Open Access is provided on set days and times each week for each local authority area.

  • AADAS Single Assessment Service, 42 St James’ Crescent, Uplands, Swansea, SA1 6DR.
    Telephone number: 01792 642759.

Sharing Experiences

There are several Service User Groups established throughout Western Bay.  Anyone who is accessing services locally is able to join.  These groups have been set up by service users who want to make a difference to how services are delivered.  They are also a good source of support where you can talk to likeminded people who have been through treatment.