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Family Matters Mediation

Family Matters is South Wales leading mediation service started in 2004 by Gaynor Walsh an experienced lawyer abnd mediator. Our professional mediators are all trained by the Family Mediators Association and adhere to a strict professional code of conduct.

Mediation is a positive solution-focused process that will help you to resolve family, relationship and financial differences in a calm and safe environment. Mediation is quicker and cheaper than going to Court and you are able to make decisions that suit your families unique situation rather than having arrangements imposed on you by the court.

Clients usually require 3 – 5 sessions. Each session lasts around 90 minutes.

Provided by Family Matters Mediation.


Neath Outreach Office
Pendrill Court
119 London Road
SA11 1LF
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Opening Times

Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm

Age Range

0 Years to 99 Years



Other Info

Cost is dependant on whether you qualify for legal which is means tested.

Appointments can be made anytime in office hours.

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