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Caer Las Cymru - Shared Housing

Caer Las provides 3 houses of Supported Shared Accommodation across the Local Authority area of Neath/Port Talbot.

We have 9 units providing support to vulnerable people experiencing or facing homelessness, who are often dealing with several other issues at the same time.

Each property is fully furnished, each service user having their individual room and the remaining areas of the house are shared between each other.

We operate Excluded License agreements and house 3-4 people in each property.

The Project acts as a stepping stone to a more independent move-on accommodation. We are proud to provide safe and secure housing along with individually tailored support for each client, to empower them to be able to move on to the right accommodation for them.

A medium level support is provided to each resident on a weekly basis, to meet their support needs and to maintain their licence until they feel able to make the transition into independent living.

A support plan is tailored to the need of the individual, and worked through on a weekly basis, for a period of up to two years. A duty manager/on call system is available outside of normal working hours.

Provided by Caer Las Cymru.


Customs House
Cambrian Place

Age Range

18 Years to 64 Years


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