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Bulldogs Boxing & Community Activities

The Bulldogs has been formed to use the power of boxing as a tool to give the next generation of young people from Port Talbot and it’s surrounding areas a fighting chance in life. Our primary focus is to provide a launch pad to create a better future for disadvantaged young people (aged 7 – 30) by improving their life skills through the a 5 Pillars methodology using the tools of boxing & non-contact techniques to create transferrable employability and key life skills.

We have been honed by the fact that many of our staff and volunteers have had a tremendous amount out of sport. We are not just about boxing, we have softer activities through non-contact training and no fitness activities whatsoever
We believe it is now our chance to create something special for the next generation that not only provides a sporting context but also changes them as young people on their road to adulthood. As a partner of the Fight for Peace Global Alumni Partnership we have developed a 5 Pillar methodology that provides a mix and match programme suitable for all. . Not every young person wants to be motivated through boxing, the 5 Pillars provide a flexible programme for all within a mix and match format.

Using boxing and fitness as a hook to engage the 5 pillars are made up of:
1) Personal Development
2) Mentoring
3) Education / Employment
4) Boxing / fitness
5) Community / Volunteering

These Pillars are an adaption of the proven Fight for Peace methodology. We have adapted their model to suit our community and the problems we face locally. The Five Pillars methodology has had great results in London, Belfast and the Favelas in Rio and we believe it will work in our area.

Provided by Bulldogs Boxing & Community Activities.


Bulldogs Development Centre
Fenbrook Close
Port Talbot
SA12 7PA
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Age Range

7 Years to 30 Years


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Giving our young people a fighting chance in life through The Bulldogs 5 Pillar Programme using boxing and fitness as a catalyst of creating change.

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