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Debt & Enforcement Agents

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  • Debt Collection Charter (PDF 33 KB)

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Bailiffs and Enforcement Agents

Since the 6th April 2014, The Taking Control of Goods Regulations 2013 and The Taking Control of Goods (Fees) Regulations 2014 have come into effect.

The legislation ensures Enforcement Agents, (formerly bailiffs) are more accountable for their actions and sets out the procedure Enforcement Agents must follow when taking control of goods and selling them to recover the debt.

Following the 6th April 2014, the Council can instruct an Enforcement Agent to collect the outstanding Business Rates debt from you if a notice of a Liability Order has been issued to you. We may do this if you have not made or kept to an agreed repayment plan or we have failed to collect the debt by other methods.

Before we refer your debt to the Enforcement Agent, we will send you a letter to tell you about the extra costs which may be charged to you if Enforcement Agents are instructed to collect the debt.

To avoid your Business Rates debt being referred to an Enforcement Agent for collection you should contact us to discuss your arrears. We will look at your circumstances and try to negotiate a payment plan.

(01639) 686843

The new fee structure is detailed below
Fee Stage Fee Feature Fixed Fee Percentage Fees (additional fee if debt is greater than £1,500)
£0 - £1,500 > £1,500
Compliance As soon as your account is received by the Enforcement Agency this fee is added to your debt. £75.00 0% 0%
 Enforcement As soon as the Enforcement Agent attends your premises this fee is added to your debt. £235.00 0% 7.5%
 Sale As soon as goods are taken to a place of sale this fee is added to your debt. £110.00 0% 7.5%

Once your account has been sent to the Enforcement Agent any payments or offers of repayment should be made to Enforcement Agent and NOT the Council.