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Paying for Residential and Community Care

If you receive (or are going to receive) Residential or Community Care, we will carry out a financial assessment, in accordance with the guidance contained in the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014, its Charging Regulations, and Code of Practice.

Residential Care would consist of Residential and Nursing care home placements (both Temporary and Long Term), whereas Community Care would consist of Domiciliary/Home Care, Direct Payments, Telecare (now referred to as “Life-link Extra”), Day Care Services, and Respite Care (of up to 8 weeks).

Following completion of a “Declaration of Financial Circumstances” form (providing details of your income and capital assets), we will calculate the weekly charge that you will be asked to pay, towards the service(s) that you have been deemed to require.


  • Privacy Notice - Financial Assessments (PDF 115 KB)

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