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Winter Gritting Plan

During the period that runs from mid-October through to April there is a possibility of the authorities highway and footway network being affected by cold wintery conditions. Hazards can include:

  • Hoar Frost
  • Ice
  • Hail
  • Snow
  • Freezing Rain

In the presence of any of these hazards, roads and footways can become dangerous to pass and therefore each year, Neath Port Talbot CBC put in place a Winter Service Operation Plan which determines the operational strategy for dealing with such conditions.

Winter Service Operational Plan

It isn't feasible for the authority to precautionary salt/grit the whole of the highway network within Neath Port Talbot's boundaries. The Winter Service Operational Plan identifies the roads in Neath Port Talbot that have been categorised as being high priority. These are the roads that form part of the authorities Precautionary Treatment Network and will be salted/gritted prior to the onset of any hazardous conditions.

During prolonged periods of cold weather where there is a significant presence of snow or ice on the highway, the authority will endeavour to clear additional roads and footpaths that do not form part of the precautionary treatment network as and when resources permit.

The Plan sets out the priorities for treatment and the Council’s plan for carrying out the salting and snow clearing operation according to the conditions.



  • Winter Service Operational Plan 2020 (DOCX 26.85 MB)

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