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Gating Orders

Legislation became available to welsh local authorities early in 2007 which gives councils powers to erect lockable gates typically in adopted rear lanes or footways where there are high levels of anti-social behaviour or crime. Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council is committed to improving quality of life for its residents and is working in close partnership with the police and the local communities in implementing the alley gating scheme where anti-social behaviour dictates it is necessary.

The following is a list of those lanes or footways where alley-gating schemes are proposed or have been approved. Clicking on the description of the location will reveal a copy of the Gating Order and a plan showing the length of highway affected.

Proposed Gating Orders

  • Proposed Gating Order Aberavon (PDF 120 KB)

    m.Id: 10332
    m.ContentType.Alias: nptDocument
    mTitle: Proposed Gating Order Aberavon
    mSize: 120 KB
    mType: pdf
    m.Url: /media/4211/proposedaberavon.pdf


Approved Gating Orders

  • Alleyways Aberavon (PDF 518 KB)

    m.Id: 15058
    m.ContentType.Alias: nptDocument
    mTitle: Alleyways Aberavon
    mSize: 518 KB
    mType: pdf
    m.Url: /media/8325/alleyways-aberavon.pdf

  • Tywyn Close (PDF 440 KB)

    m.Id: 15060
    m.ContentType.Alias: nptDocument
    mTitle: Tywyn Close
    mSize: 440 KB
    mType: pdf
    m.Url: /media/8327/tywyn-close.pdf



Summary of Orders

  • Gating Order Register (DOCX 12 KB)

    m.Id: 15059
    m.ContentType.Alias: nptDocument
    mTitle: Gating Order Register
    mSize: 12 KB
    mType: docx
    m.Url: /media/8326/gating-order-register.docx