ALN Transport

Transport decisions made on Additional Learning Needs (ALN) grounds form part of the Children and Young People service's arrangements for children with additional learning needs.

Where specialist transport is considered necessary on additional learning needs grounds, it will be recorded in the Statement of Additional Learning Needs.

The Statutory Assessment and Annual Review processes require the gathering of a range of written information concerning a child's additional learning needs.  This includes information relevant to a decision about entitlement to transport on additional learning needs grounds.

Free Additional Learning Needs Transport is only available when the council places the child in a suitable school, unit or a mainstream school and:

  • The child is of primary school age and lives over two miles away from the school
  • The child is of secondary school age and lives over three miles away from the school
  • If it is determined that the child's disabilities are significant enough that a child cannot be accompanied as necessary in walking to school, consideration will be given transport for a shorter journey

If you think your child qualifies for Additional Learning Needs transport, please apply here