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Public Space Protection Order

Exclusion of dogs from Aberavon Beach (May 1st – Sept 30th)

​Officers patrol Aberavon Beach regularly and will take the appropriate enforcement action against any offenders.​

There is currently an order in effect which covers the Aberavon Beach and Promenade from 1st May  - 30th September.  This prohibits dogs from entering a designated part of the beach and requires dogs to be on a lead at all times on the promenade; dog owners can be prosecuted for failure to comply with the order.

Whilst the designated Public Space Protection Order provisions would enable a local authority to enforce several dog related offences on this occasion the orders will only replace the offences previously enforced by the Dog Control Officer.

The Public Space Protection Order will allow authorised officers to deal with offences by means of a fixed penalty notice and therefore allow offenders the opportunity to discharge their liability to conviction by paying the fine.  However, should the fine not be paid within the specified period, the matter will then be progressed to the legal department with a view to prosecuting the individuals concerned.


  • Dog Exclusion Zone (PDF 703 KB)

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  • Dogs on Leads Area (PDF 701 KB)

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